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đi ăn với tư cách hai người bạn răng kinh thì khác thuốc tê hình như cũng không đủ để hỗ trợ cho công đoạn này always an important factor in the success of any job. The preparation is even more important for those who are about to perform surgery. What should be prepared before implants? There are three types of backbone common in today's bite that is the backbone of the teeth, the bite reversed by the bones and joints bite up against both the teeth and jaw bone. Retine teeth are usually caused by upper jaw teeth grow later than incisors in lower jaw. The habit of slipping jaw to the side of the unfavorable trend of children.  Lower jaw grows too strong. The posterior jaw size in the horizontal and the posterior direction makes the incisors in the upper jaw indented against the lower jaw. Kết quả hình ảnh cho smile teeth What should be prepared before the implant? Implant is considered as the best solution to replace lost teeth with success rate up. However, to ensure safety and success for both implant transplants, patients still need to have the preparation before transplant these preparation steps include. vietnam dentist prices Why need back bite treatment? Retrograde biting has a lot of serious effects and should be treated early. Bone and teeth screening: This is an important step in implantation. Before transplant, you must have a full-jaw or CT scan to check your bone density and bone height to meet the standard for implant placement. After the test, your doctor will analyze whether you are eligible for implant placement as well as what treatment plan is appropriate. If your bones are not qualified for implants, do not worry, your doctor will advise you on bone dilatation, bone grafting or sinus elevation so that your bones are able to meet the standards before transplant. With today's technology, these procedures are no longer too difficult or too painful for the patient. Make sure that the implant is properly implanted. If you have any medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, blood clots, are pregnant you must inform your doctor. You should also tell your doctor about the medicines you are taking and stop using them or just use the medicine prescribed by your doctor during the preoperative period. Your blood glucose, cardiovascular, blood pressure should also be well controlled. Saigon Vietnam dental implants Stop alcohol, cigarettes: Cigarettes and alcohol can have a big impact on the results of the transplant. Failure rate among smokers in implants is 10% higher than non-smokers. It also makes the time to complete the transplant longer due to the healing wounds and poorly integrated bones than normal people do not smoke. Therefore, patients should not smoke, drink alcohol for 2 weeks before transplant and 2-4 weeks after transplant. Stop eating 6 hours before transplant: When transplanted, you will be given anesthetic by the doctor, which usually causes stomach discomfort or even danger if the stomach contains too much food. Therefore, at least 6 hours before the transplant, you should stop eating to ensure safety. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Wide sleeves will make you feel better during the implant procedure. Psychological preparation the preparation of psychology is equally important to determine the safety of your implant transplant. Before transplanting you need to be psychologically comfortable and not overly anxious. If you are still scared and cannot relax, ask your doctor if you should use sedatives to ease your anxiety. cấy răng implant

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