sĩ đã và đang đẩy mạnh hơn nữa răng

sĩ đã và đang đẩy mạnh hơn nữa răng hàng ngày và do đó .Chuẩn bị thương tổn hoặc đi kết quả cho nên những miếng trám cause and may aggravate cardiovascular and respiratory diseases diabeteseven cause unpredictable complications: marrow inflammation, bone inflammation, glomerulonephritis, arthritis and some dangerous internal diseases. When intermittent food is needed, seek medical attention immediately for early treatment. At that, not only save the teeth but also prevent the complications. Specifically, bacteria in the periodontal pocket will enter the bloodstream, directly affecting the heart and blood vessels. Alternatively, periodontal bacteria and their toxins indirectly affect the liver, which produces substances that are harmful to the cardiovascular system. Kết quả hình ảnh cho smile teeth Complications from decay There are many cases for a deep tooth that doctors have to remove a jaw bone. Mostly due to subjective patients, do not go to the clinic, voluntarily buy drugs or try to "overcome the pain" with folk remedies. When the patient comes to BS, the condition is too heavy. Then, the pulp can be dead and the area of ​​infection has spread to the sinuses causing sinusitis, jaw inflammation. vietnam dentist prices Since the root maxillary is located close to the sinus cavity, so when the area of ​​the tooth is widespread will damage the sinuses, causing severe pain. At the same time, if the disease is just in the early stages of dental disease, the disease will be self-healing. If late, not only have to remove the teeth but the sinuses were severely infected. At that time, need to treat more sinuses. Another complication of tooth decay is infection of the apex resulting in cysts, abscesses in the jaw occurring in both jaws. For treatment, the doctor will surgery to "catch" the infection. Depending on the severity of the infection, the jawbone can be swollen, damaged, lost or broken. This also makes prosthetic dentistry difficult, even impossible. Septicemia because of periodontitis Saigon Vietnam dental implants Expressions of the disease in the early stage is inflammation of the red gums, bleeding easily when brushing or when the patient strongly. Patients just go to the dental clinic, take the tartar gum will restore the same old and bleeding. In contrast, if not treated early, the disease will progress to periodontal inflammation with the manifestation that the supporting organ is destroyed, gum slipped to make the teeth look longer; osteosarcoma, periodontal pockets, swollen pains, pus, deviated teeth, swollen and finally permanent teeth. Then, the treatment will become very complicated, time consuming. Periodontal disease can cause massive tooth loss, many of which are adjacent, even the gums and jaw are removed, unable to recover. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất More dangerous, periodontal infection is considered one of the causes of some diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease atherosclerosis, endocarditis, blood clots, sugar shrinking blood vessels, preterm and low birth weight in pregnant women. Thus, periodontal infection is one of the causes of cardiovascular failure, which is responsible for stroke, stroke and heart failure. Bacteria also circulate blood to the cells and cause  causing the pancreas to try to increase insulin secretion. If this condition persists, the pancreas will weaken and lead to diabetes. Some statistics in the world show that more than 10% of pregnant women are born prematurely without treatment for periodontal disease; This rate in the number of women treated is reduced to 1.8%. Because periodontal infection during pregnancy is likely to cause dilation and contractions of the uterus leading to premature birth. cấy răng implant

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